The Policy for the Diocese of Metuchen requires a period of preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage, which includes sessions with the parish priest or deacon and participating either in the Pre-Cana Conference or the Engaged Encounter Weekend. Complete Details on requirements for Marriage will be discussed during the initial meeting between the couple and clergy. Arrangements should be made up to one year in advance and before any social plans are finalized. The Office of Family Life within the Diocese of Metuchen lists the available dates for FOCCUS testing; Pre-Cana; and God's Plan for a Joy-filled Marriage which are required as part of the preparation process.


The Pre-Cana team consists of a group of married couples who coordinate marriage preparation conferences to engaged couples twice each year. Team couples give "talks" and facilitate discussions on topics of Communications, Family values, Finance, Conflict Management, Intimacy, and Spirituality

Pre-Cana is a one-day format held in the parish hall. The team usually meets twice during the year to discuss/prepare for the upcoming session.         © Dana Lane Photography
Couples are encouraged, but not forced to prepare a "talk" when they feel ready to present in front of a group. Should you not feel comfortable presenting in front of an audience, you are still encouraged to join the team, as there are many ways to contribute without having to present a talk. Married couples interested in joining the team should contact the team lead couple, Roger and Maryann Garceau at (908) 236-7721 or  Also, you can speak with Monsignor Randy.

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