PARISH Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body of parish representatives appointed by the pastor and serves to advise the pastor in his role.

The word "pastoral" in Parish Pastoral Council is derived from the word "pastor." The parish pastoral council is the "pastor's council." It is the group he engages to reflect on the direction of the parish. The parish pastoral council is the place where the pastor and selected parishioners reflect on current opportunities facing the parish and threats to its vibrancy. It is the place where priorities are set and benchmarks for success in ministry are established. In short, the parish pastoral council is a kind of "pastoral think tank" at the center of the pastor's ministry. The council is involved with practical decisions of consequence because they are the pastor's sounding board. They investigate, reflect and propose practical conclusions. It is a consultative body that asks the questions, "What does this mission mean in this place and in this time? How are we to discern God's will for our parish? How is the Holy Spirit moving among us?

Members are:

Michael Wellons, Chairperson
Fr. Edgar Madarang, Parocial Vicar
Deacon Joseph Campbell
Thomas Kuster
Donna Sekula
Connie Fortunato

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